Hugh Grant Retweeting Elizabeth Hurley Is a Moment

Hugh Grant Retweeting Elizabeth Hurley Is a Moment
Image:Stan Honda (Getty Images)

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: How has Elizabeth Hurley coped with things? Once the staple of racing tracks worldwide—whether for pompous horses or cars that go “zoom”—the famous Brexiteer has been deprived, the last year or so, of those deliciously rich pleasures. Amid chaos in the U.K., as the Tories have repeatedly fumbled every stage of this pandemic, I’ve found myself increasingly worried about her.

Well, worry no more. Elizabeth Hurley and her jars of marmalade are doing just fine. They even got a movie deal!

On Twitter, the race car model and British person posted photos from inside her $6 million country estate out in Herefordshire. Surrounded by walled gardens, delicately trimmed hedges, and taffeta pillows, Hurley wrote: “Lockdown has turned me into a demented housewife: 47 jars of marmalade are nestling in my larder and another sack of Seville oranges await me.”’

Look at her! This is a woman who is doing fine.

Soon after, however, the real news happened. Ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant then retweeted Liz, and offered her a job in Paddington 3. Well, not exactly, but I can’t think about that right now—I’m too preoccupied with the fantasy where these two get back together. Maybe she still has that dusty old Versace dress somewhere?

As gossip goes, this Twitter exchange is definitely a “moment.” At the very least, it’s a window into the home and mind of a woman who once got nude for Brexit. Can’t speak for most people, but I have found myself curious about how that crowd has handled things.

But really, a reunion between these two might never happen. After all, Grant is the only expatriate of that relationship with the good sense to not get naked for a political policy that’s torn an entire country apart. He’s spent the lockdown doing more productive things, like posting pictures of his meat.

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