Hulu, Amazon Prime, Comedy Central Pull Chris D'Elia's Workaholics Episode

Hulu, Amazon Prime, Comedy Central Pull Chris D'Elia's Workaholics Episode
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Last week, multiple women accused comedian Chris D’Elia of sexual harassment and misconduct, two of whom say they were underage at the time. In response, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Comedy Central have pulled an episode of Workaholics in which D’Elia played a pedophile. He also played a pedophile comedian on the Netflix show You, though jury’s out on what they do with that one.

Vulture reports that the streaming sites no longer have the first season episode “To Friend a Predator” (yep) available for viewers. Comedy Central also removed D’Elia’s 2013 special, White Male, Black Comic, according to Variety.

Five women have thus far come forward to detail a pattern of misconduct, alleging, among other things, that D’Elia struck up virtual relationships with teen girls and asked them to send him nude pictures of themselves.

The Los Angeles Times has more:

In interviews with The Times, Holtzman and four other women told stories of aggressive, sexually charged overtures initiated by D’Elia, who is known to many young fans as Justin Bieber’s favorite comedian and has 2.4 million Instagram followers. All of the women — two of whom were not yet 18 when their communications with him began — described a flirtatious demeanor that escalated almost instantaneously. In one case, he allegedly invited two female fans to his hotel room, where he exposed his erect penis to them in an attempt to convince them to sleep with him. In another, he allegedly told a 19-year-old that he would meet up with her only after she performed oral sex on one of his friends.

D’Elia, who also appeared on the short-lived sitcom Whitney, denied the accusations against him, telling TMZ he had “never knowingly pursued any underage women” and that his sexual relationships with women were “legal and consensual.”

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