I Can't Stop Looking at Rihanna's See-Through Crystal Dream Gown


We already saw a couple shots of Rihanna’s Swarovski-coated sultry see-through dress she wore to accept her CFDA Fashion Icon Award. Here are some more, because lord knows we can’t stop looking at it.

Here’s Rihanna doing her best Anna Wintour and slinkily posing with John Dempsey, President of MAC Cosmetics.

I absolutely love this stunning shot of Rihanna walking up to accept her award on stage—it’s a shame her escort ruined it by making sure everyone knew he was staring right at her ass. COME ON DUDE.

Rih accepts her award from Anna Wintour’s bob.

Yes, that is a doo-rag.

Congratulations Rihanna! If only there was some way (goddammit Instagram) we could have witnessed you enjoy the mandatory celebratory blunt with your shiny new statue.

Images via Getty.

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