I Have Learned More About What Maniac Is About


Cary Fukunaga’s dark comedy Maniac is coming to Netflix in September. How much do you know about it?

The marketing strategy for the forthcoming series has left much to the imagination, except for a few key details: Emma Stone and Jonah Hill star, wearing matching grey jumpsuits and ugly shoes. They’re in some kind of drug trial. What kind? Hard to say. But today, we learn more from the full-length trailer. Are you ready? Here’s the update:

  • Justin Theroux oversees the trial which is intended to “destroy” “pain”; has Jared Leto-esque hair (cropped, not long).
  • The drug trial involves sending patients to multiple realities, including one that looks kind of like Lord of the Rings.
  • A non-zero amount of Theroux’s patients have ended up catatonic.
  • Sally Field wears Edna Mode glasses and Theroux wears the same gold-rimmed glasses you see on everyone these days.

That’s it for your latest Maniac update. Tune in next time.

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