I Have Questions About the Fox News Psychic

A psychic went on Jesse Watters' show and predicted Trump's demise. Was that the helpful heaping of tough love that Fox News' audience needed?

I Have Questions About the Fox News Psychic
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There’s a lot happening in the world right now, like the U.S.-funded humanitarian crisis in Gaza and a new devastating ruling on abortion access out of Texas. But you wouldn’t know much of any of that if you were watching Fox News host Jesse Watters’ show on Tuesday night. The only thing you’d take away is the haunting words of a psychic, whom he inexplicably invited onto his show to offer her prediction for the 2024 election. I don’t quite know how to describe the segment—it was simultaneously as useless as everything else Watters spews on his prime-time show, but I guess, at the very least, it was a mix-up from the usual cancel culture-adjacent outrage rant.

Watters’ psychic guest, Paula Roberts, is English and, on top of being a fortune teller, also identifies as a “ghost hunter.” Cool! Watters set up their interview with an anecdote about meeting a psychic at a recent dinner party, who said there would be a “grave injustice” this fall and that “we may not even have an election.” There’s no way to fact-check whether or not the psychic said that, so I can’t say for sure that Watters wasn’t just catering to audience members who have chosen to believe Democrats will steal the election, drink children’s blood, lock up all Republicans in a dungeon, et cetera. Watters said after that reading he “needed a second opinion,” hence Robert’s appearance.

But Roberts wasn’t able to offer any better news. (Sad!) After drawing four cards from her deck, she told Watters what she saw for former President Trump in 2024. “I do recognize I’m on Fox TV,” she began ruefully, before explaining that she sees “a sense of loss. A sense of loss, but it’s very specific… It’s as if he may be thinking more about what he’s lost, and not still taking full advantage of what he still has.”

When Watters asked what Roberts saw for Biden this year, she answered, “Lots and lots and lots and lots of money.” Watters returned, “You mean from China?” Ha ha! (No idea what he is referencing or implying but I can only presume this was a sad little attempt at some good ol’ conservative comedy.) “Oh, you are cheeky,” Roberts said. “I didn’t say from where.” At one point, Roberts tells Watters of her readings, “It’s true. It’s true. I mean, I don’t make it up.” But of course! Who would even suggest that???

Honestly, I am still scratching my head at all of this. Is having a psychic come on Fox News to predict Trump’s demise the helpful heaping of tough love that the network needs??? Is it laying the foundation for the network to play victim through whatever happens in the coming months?? Or am I reading far too much into the omens of a “ghost hunter” and her deck of cards?? More importantly: Which ghosts has she hunted—anyone we might know???

Yet, more than any question I’d like to ask Roberts, I genuinely just want to ask Watters what he’s doing. What’s next—an astrologer to inform us of Trump and Nikki Haley’s astrological compatibility as potential running mates? A mind-reader to come on air and try to parse through Rudy Giuliani’s most incoherent thoughts? A motivational speaker to directly address Watters’ audience and insist they not give up on watching his bullshit show?? (Cutting myself off from further brainstorming lest Watters and his team see this and cop my ideas for free.)

Deadline reported last month that, despite his prime-time slot, Watters is failing to draw the same audience numbers as his predecessor, Tucker Carlson. My ~psychic~ reading of Watters’ Tuesday night stunt is that he’s desperate and flailing. It seems disingenuous outrage-bait and trolling can only take you so far—at some point, you’ll need to bring on a British ghost hunter to solidify your status as one of the most pathetic conservative talk show hosts on television.

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