I Still Can’t Believe These Moments from the 2016 Republican Primary Really Happened

We're knee-deep in the 2024 cycle, but I'm not done processing Carson and Cruz duking it out in a supply closet and Rubio breaking his tooth on a Twix bar.


Jeb Bush begs audience to “please clap”

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Oh, Jeb (the artist formerly known as Jeb!). Shakespeare couldn’t have conceived of a more tragic story of fruitless ambition and male impotence than that of the listless, milquetoast former Florida governor. He entered the race a frontrunner, only to have his spirit crushed by one Trumpian taunt after another. And it all culminated in this, the centerpiece of his epic failure: him quite literally begging a visibly disinterested audience to “please clap” at the end of his flaccid remarks in February 2016.

If I were a better person I might almost feel sorry for the anti-abortion, right-wing nepo baby. But alas, I’m not.

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