I Thought This Famous Actor Was in Twilight But He Wasn't

I Thought This Famous Actor Was in Twilight But He Wasn't
Not a Hemsworth Image: (Getty)

My history with the Twilight films is nonexistent unless one counts the time a friend and I filled my purse with miniature bottles of wine and went to a midnight showing of the final film, which I believe was called Daylight. However, I, personally, do not count this experience as having seen a Twilight film, as I have no memory of that two hours of my life beyond my friend yelling “Take your pants off, Edward!” at the screen and stumbling over my Jeffrey Campbell Lita boot to tumble down the stairs at the AMC theater in Tallahassee, Florida.

I am recounting all this, not to brag about the undeniably impressive number of tiny wine bottles I’m capable of sneaking into a movie theater, but to explain how I made it to the year 2014 under the assumption that Chris Hemsworth was famous because he was in Twilight. Not only did I see the first Thor film under this mistaken notion, but I also spoke about “That Twilight guy whose brother is dating Miley Cyrus” to myriad friends, who must have assumed I was making some sort of strange joke and chuckled indulgently.

Six years into assuming Chris Hemsworth was world-famous for his work in Twilight, a friend finally thought to ask me what I was talking about when I made the Hemsworth/Twilight connection. Hilarity ensued as everyone in the entire world explained the existence of a person called Kellan Lutz to me. Yet, even to my now-discerning eye, the two of them look virtually indistinguishable, leaving me not quite convinced of the reality of this Lutz person, as I cannot recall ever having seen him act in a film or television show with mine own eyes, only Googled images on the phone screens of laughing friends and strangers.* If he is real, then I maintain that Kellan Lutz and the best looking Hemsworth could more easily play brothers in a film than some of the actual Hemsworth brothers.

Here are a few other actors I am pretty sure were in Twilight at some point:

  • Hayden Panettiere
  • Ashley Benson
  • Either Kelly from Beverly Hills 90210’s ex-husband or the one who was married to Brandi Glanville but got together with Leanne Rimes on the set of a Lifetime movie. I also cannot tell those two men apart
  • The kid from Billy Elliot
  • Anna Kendrick
  • At least one Fanning (something I vaguely recall from my wine-soaked viewing, but I could not with any real conviction say which one)

*A Getty image search for this blog revealed I have seen several Kellan Lutz film and television appearances.

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