I Will Only Watch the Halsey Biopic If It Includes This Clip


In what I’m sure will be the biggest news in women’s media on this sleepy April Thursday, Deadline is reporting that singer Halsey is developing a movie about her life with Sony. Wow!

Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. writes:

Sony Pictures has closed a life rights deal with singer/songwriter Halsey. The hope is to develop a movie loosely based on her life, which she would star in. I’m told the closest cousin to what they hope for here is a vehicle that does for her what 8 Mile did for Eminem.

Well, serve me up a plate of mom’s spaghetti because I am ready for it, with two small caveats: 1) that the film explains why Halsey looks like a different person in every single photo and 2) it includes (and perhaps solely consists of) the above clip of Halsey in a fur stole asking her fans to stop being mean to her on social media. A fair ask, in my opinion, and compelling footage to boot.

Imagine: Halsey, starring as Halsey—or, uh, “Talsey”? I’m not a screenwriter—asking a cadre of teens to give her a break. And the Oscar goes to…that’s right. Halsey.

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