If I Could Turn Back Time, I’d Work Out to Cher’s 1991 Exercise Tape

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Since I was a tween, I have prided myself on my ability to do a pretty solid impression of Cher singing. I spent many hours perfecting it since the queen deserves nothing less than perfection.

My Cher obsession was inherited from my mother. Together we would listen to all of her albums and watch every movie or TV show that Cher even made a cameo in. Last year, we made plans months in advance to see The Cher Show on Broadway. (It was just fine, but still worth it.)

So imagine my surprise when I learned that Cher had been the face of not one, but two exercise tapes in the 1990s, and I had never seen either one.

I am not someone who particularly enjoys working out. Pre-pandemic, I would occasionally go a spin class simply because my good friend is the teacher, but for the most part I am pathetically out of shape. Perhaps if I had discovered Cher’s love for working out earlier in my life, I would have been motivated enough to become the varsity athlete of my parents’ dreams. However, quarantine seems to be giving everyone an excuse to find new hobbies that they’ll certainly give up once we’re allowed to hang out with our friends from less than six feet away, so I figure there’s no time like the present for me to give Cher’s first workout tape, CherFitness: A New Attitude a try. Watch the video above to see the beginning of my transformation into the second coming of the Goddess of Pop.

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