If Liza Minnelli Had Been Part of a LiLo Intervention, Maybe Things Would've Gone Differently


For a few months in college, there was this dark period in my life when I was uncontrollably obsessed with Intervention. I would diligently watch at least two episodes a night, and like clockwork, hold back tears when someone’s grandma with a Liza Minnelli haircut read her handwritten letter from her Strawberry Shortcake stationery to some girl addicted to benzos. The interventions were usually staged in a Holiday Inn off of a highway in Ohio or something, and pretty much everyone’s intervention was loaded with the same rehab cliches, but that shit was entertainment.

Now, imagine if instead of a wannabe Liza Minnelli reading her note to Girl from Ohio with Bad Highlights, it was the real Liza Minnelli, delivering some chicken soup for Lindsay Lohan’s troubled soul.

A representative for Liza Minnelli has confirmed that she was approached by Claus Hjelmbak, Lilo’s close friend, in an attempt to stage an intervention for Lohan last December. Unfortunately, Lucille Two was on tour in South America, so she couldn’t help out. Minnelli, who has taken a stint at the Betty Ford Center after struggling with addiction herself, could have been the perfect mentor for Lilo/it would made for the best episode of Intervention ever. But alas, a little over a year later, Lilo is looking forward to going to rehab: “It’s a blessing… and not a curse.” It’s still a huge bummer to know that Liza Minnelli didn’t join #Pray4LiLo last year.


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