"If You Wanna Be Disrespected & Depressed, Work For Vanity Fair"


A dancer and choreographer named John Byrne claims to have “choreographed” the Vanity Fair “Young Hollywood” cover. It was, he says, “a horrible, horrible experience.” And that’s not all:

“Working with Annie Leibovitz’s crew was the most demeaning experience I’ve had,” Byrne tells a blog called TabloidProdigy.com. Why a choreographer was required to arrange these actresses is a mystery, although Byrne posts this picture of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin on his blog, and some sort of “choreography” is apparent:

Still, Byrne describes the shoot’s environment as hostile and tense, and writes:

Cannot begin to say what an absolutely degrading experience it was… Pretty much the looks on the models faces sums up the whole experience…lol I am so blessed to have loving and uplifting artists to work with that actually have fun and enjoy the process. Vanity Fair NEVER again!

Looks like March 2010’s Vanity Fair is turning into a collector’s item — if you want to own one of the most-maligned issues ever.

Choreographer: Annie Leibovitz, ‘Vanity Fair’ Team An Absolute Nightmare To Work With [Tabloid Prodigy]
If You Wanna Be Disrespected and Depressed — Work for Vanity Fair [John Byrne Show Blog]

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