I'm Inspired By Naomi Campbell's Super Elaborate Airport Routine

I'm Inspired By Naomi Campbell's Super Elaborate Airport Routine
Screenshot:Naomi’s YouTube Channel

Most of YouTube is relatively mundane—mukbangs, which are videos of people eating, Come Thrift With Me, which are videos of people digging through Goodwill, generic Q&As, etc.—but nothing about Naomi Campbell is boring. Since officially launching her channel and vlogging career seven short months ago, she’s posted a handful of well-produced videos that elevate the boring shit that does well on YouTube. But nothing beats “Naomi Campbell’s Airport Routine | Come Fly With Me”, a vlog posted on Thursday. I am genuinely inspired by it.

Instead of flying private (she could care about the environment, okay?) from Nice to Qatar, Campbell walks us through her oh-so-relatable flight prep, which involves a team, complimenting a stranger’s legs, grabbing a bag of mini Twix, actually buying beauty products from Duty Free, flying first class and after she’s located her seat, proceeding to wipe everything down. Everything. She whips out disposable gloves and anti-bacterial wipes like she’s about to enter the ICU, and gives her seat—really anything anyone else might have touched—a deep clean. Someone behind her jokingly asks Campbell if she’ll do her seat next. She says no. I’m moved.

Just when you think it can’t get any more elaborate, Campbell breaks out her own hot pink blanket to use as a seat cover, which she swaps out every week and has hand-washed at every hotel. Then she hydrates, does a face mask, and puts on a surgical mask because, “No matter what plane you take, private or commercial, as the plane descends, people start coughing and sneezing,” she says. “I just can’t. This is my protection from peoples coughing and sneezing.”

My kingdom for a part two. Does she use the bathroom? If so, does she wipe it down in a similar fashion? Does she bring her own toilet cover? Does she eat the food provided? Or is she going to house that bag of Twix? Does she do this in hotel rooms, too? Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna smash that like and subscribe button.

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