I'm So Happy That Britney Spears Is Happy


Since first hopping aboard Mickey Mouse’s Coaster Of Long-Term Emotional Repercussions in the early 90s, Britney Spears has felt plenty of emotions—perhaps even all of them. But now, on May 1, 2015, she is officially feeling happy. Isn’t that great? After falling onstage in Las Vegas and injuring her ankle earlier this week, you’d think she’d feel a little sad or maybe even upset, but nope! Not Britney.

Today she gave PAPER a list of 10 things that make her happy. It contains things you would expect, like “love,” and things you would not expect, like “beachy waves.”

1. My boys, of course!

Aw, shoutout to Jayden James and Sean! Sorry your last name is Federline!

2. Love

But who are you in love with, Britney? If it’s Charlie Ebersol, why won’t you call him out by name?

3. My daddy’s cooking

Her daddy, Jamie, is from Louisiana, so I’m guessing she’s talking about cajun cooking, but I’m pretty sure all food would make her happy as long as it’s not associated with Nyla.

4. A good sweaty run

Was her own sweat the subject of “Perfume”? Maybe.

5. Spa days

Great for washing off the sweat.

6. Freshly laundered sheets

Presumably because they’re usually covered in sweat.

7. The smell of roses

I find the smell of roses disgusting, but hey, I don’t have a Las Vegas residency!

8. Beachy waves

This one stumped me. Does she mean a wave that’s crashed on the beach?

9. A juicy romantic novel

I bet she’d love this one. I think it’s about beachy waves!

10. Last but certainly not least … my fans!

Happy to help, Britney! Stay happy!

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