I'm Still Not Over J.Lo and Ben Affleck Casually Sucking Face in Public??

They're making out at Nobu, they're kissing, they're touching

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I'm Still Not Over J.Lo and Ben Affleck Casually Sucking Face in Public??
Image:Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

Listen, I understand it has been almost an entire day since the photos of Jennifer Lopez French kissing Ben Affleck at Nobu in Malibu arrived on the net, but it pains me to say that I am just as consumed with these photos and the accompanying video now as I was yesterday.

Page Six describes their “steamy PDA” with a level of detail that I find to be excruciating, but appreciate just the same. These two crazy kids are obsessed with each other, just like they might have been in the past, and are now willing to explore each other’s spirit and body in public. I am happy for the former and honestly, thrilled for the latter, because please, the video footage of these two sucking face like there’s no one else in the room is incredible to me. Find the paparazzi that shot this footage and award them at once.

Lots going on here! A lot to parse. The cinematographer’s POV leads me to believe that the person who shot this footage is literally hiding in the bushes at Nobu; the camera’s bobbing and weaving suggests that they, too, are gobsmacked to be in the presence of such pure and true love. Note, for example, the way her hand is GRIPPING that bicep, and also, how Ben’s mouth seems to unhinge just a touch, in order to fully encompass that of his beloved. Everything about this love resonates with me, even if it ultimately fails, and finds the two of them single, adrift, and rich once more.

Maybe this boomerang business is part of their whole thing—the press is the thing that ended their relationship in the past, and now, perhaps the universe is resetting, and giving them a second chance at love. Clearly the pandemic has caused a lot of people to do a big think about what’s important in their lives, and though I’m sure Jennifer Lopez thought the baseball man was, it’s clear that even though nature is healing, the wound that was left on her heart by the dissolution of her engagement to Boston Man never did. And now! A second chance at love. I don’t mean this sincerely very often, but I LOVE their LOVE. More please. Keep it up. [Page Six]

Chrissy Teigen is in the throes of cancelation, or is, at the very minimum, attempting to reckon with her past behavior by centering herself, so I suppose we all must buckle up for the inevitable flood of people coming out of the woodwork to proclaim that they, too, were bullied by Mrs. John Legend.

Michael Costello, a fashion designer on season eight of Project Runway, says that Teigen publicly commented on his Instagram account after a Photoshopped comment of his that made him look like he was racist floated around in 2014. According to Costello, the comments were proven to be false and were taken down by Instagram, but Teigen allegedly messaged him with threats along the lines of “You’ll never work in this town again.” Apparently, that was the case?

In an alleged Instagram DM, which Costello posted, he asks Teigen to call him to clear up the confusion, and she refuses his request, allegedly saying “racist people like you deserve to suffer and die. You might as well be dead. Your career is over, just watch.” According to Costello, the latter part of her threat actually came true. I fear we are on the precipice of a major reckoning— sort of like that scene in Mean Girls, but unedited, unfiltered, and with no end in sight. [Page Six]

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