In a World Where Movies Are About Men, ‘One Woman’ Sounds Weird


This movie trailer supercut of “one man” over and over again is hypnotic in a totally crappy way.

As UpWorthy‘s Joseph Lamour says, “This montage of movie trailers may seem like just another funny supercut, but to me it plays like a highlight reel for what’s wrong with American cinema.”

And while a trailer isn’t a looking glass into the heart and soul of a movie, it might be the only thing that most people ever see, and the fact that it’s one man, one man, one man is disheartening. Oh wait! There goes a woman. In a rom com, but still — yay! One woman! Let’s all drink cosmos and talk about men to celebrate.

And here’s some fun facts to keep in mind:

It goes on and on and on and on…

[via UpWorthy]

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