In Great Decision for Everyone But That Bulldog, NYC Taxis Will Start Replacing Taxi TVs


On Thursday, New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission voted to give the people what they want, which is silence during cab rides: a year-long pilot program will phase out Taxi TVs in 1,000 cabs.

Via NY1, passengers in these cabs will now pay on a separate device with a credit card reader, and watch their Snapchats/furtively bang/stare out the window at hundreds of people they’ll never talk to in peace. I would surmise that a full removal will follow this program, as literally no one has ever said, “You know, what I just can’t get enough of is Taxi TV.”

Pour one out for the medallion-owning taxi drivers who were promised increased revenues from Taxi TV that never materialized, and have had to put up with that opening chime for nine years without ever even getting to look at Gracie the bulldog from Talk Stoop—and who will also have to remove the TVs at their own expense.

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