In Praise of Cardi B, Who Stunted All Over Paris Fashion Week 2019

In Praise of Cardi B, Who Stunted All Over Paris Fashion Week 2019

There can only be one winner of Fashion Week (or so I’ve heard), and at Paris Fashion Week 2019, the victor was Cardi B. Over the past seven days, I found myself wanting to blog multiple versions of this post—every day, sometimes twice a day, her looks felt worthy of uncritical praise, and I was more than ready to give it to her.

But let’s begin with the outfit above, which Cardi wore while performing on stage at the ETAM show for their Womenswear spring/summer 2020 collection. Lavender suit? Check. Las Vegas showgirl dancer feathers adorning her hip, waist, and shoulder like the gaudiest cross-body bag? It’s called style, sheeple.


My favorite looks, in no particular order: there’s Chanel Cardi, rocking a full-body patterned look (and not for the first time that week) that I think would make a vegan Cruella de Vil very proud. Then there were her “casual” looks. In the middle photo, she’s seen leaving her hotel in Paris in a head-to-toe-and-also-face floral 1950s housewife/beekeeper fit by Richard Quinn, which seems very warm to wear and possibly hard to breathe in (but think of the money and time she saved in not having to put on makeup!) The second look is Legally Bronx (per Stacy Fernandez of the Texas Tribune.) I appreciate a sexy take on office wear, and Cardi nailed it.

There’s more.

According to FootwearNews, she’s wearing “a sheer bodysuit from Aliétte, layered under a patterned jacket with fluffy trim from Edda Gimnes.” The boots are from the year 2059, I can only assume.

And another for good measure:

I thought I was over the latex trend until I saw Cardi in this deep, royal purple frock by Nicolas Jebran.

Let this be a lesson to other celebrities: Fashion Week is for fashion.

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