Incest As Medical Treatment: Not FDA-Approved


A disturbing post from a British forum called Female First is making the rounds of the blogosphere – about a mother who gives her 19-year-old son’s penis regular “massage therapy” to straighten out its shape.

Our first thought (not just because the link came via Vice) was, “is this for real?” Having gone to the site itself and read through the author’s responses to comments, we’re sort of afraid it is.

The post, titled “My Son’s Penis Problem,” and posted in the “Health” forum, explains that one day the mother happened upon her son sleeping naked and was alarmed to see the “J-shaped” curvature of his penis. Upon discussing the issue with him, she found that this caused him tremendous self-consciousness and had inhibited his dating life. Doctors they visited told them the curvature was normal and not a big deal. So, obviously, they had to take matters into their own, ahem, hands.

I had taken a little massage therapy classes in the past, and I even work on it for an hour or so 3 days of every week in the evening. It was embarrassing for us both in the beginning and I know it still it is, and even more so that he ejaculates every time during the massage, but it turned out to make massaging it in the post-ejaculation, semi-soft state really effective because then I can massage it and straighten it. It curls back in my hands and I massage it straight over and over again, until he becomes erect again and semi hard again after ejaculation, three times in a row, usually over a span of an hour to an hour and a half….It has given good results, as I would say he is 50 percent improved. I continue to treat him 3 days a week.

The mom’s ostensible reason for writing to the forum is to ask for help…or people who have experience with this sort of thing. Oddly enough, no one does! And a lot of people are appalled! Although the tone of the responses is generally pretty respectful — “I think this is going too far” is a common refrain, and a number of people liken it to caring for a disabled person, despite rather obvious differences — there are, not shockingly, quite a few recoils. The mother responds to these with hurt bewilderment! Can’t we see this is a medical necessity, for his own good? To the commenters who ask, does this arouse you? She responds,

I am human, if it arouses me, it still is of little concern and has no baring on the actual goal and reasoning in performing the treatment. I certainly am not dwelling on the arousal when or if it happens and/or encouraging it. It isall incidental, and a side effect if you will that need not be an issue in the primary goal of the treatment. It is in my mind anavoidable, and therefore not necessary to make excuses for, but it can be ignored while it’s happening. It is not that important

If this is for real — and I want to hear people’s takes on that — my response is as much sadness as the visceral “Incest Eww.” Because it’s a glimpse into two lives that seem pretty non-functional in the outer world. In a way, this would be less hard to get if it were just straight incest; we’ve seen — and recoiled at — that before. There’s a lot of obvious jokes to make and, um, logical arguments against “medically-necessary” incest — against their wills — to cure a genetic condition that’s not a medical problem, as well as the mentality that feels un self-conscious posting this in a public forum, so we’ll leave that to better minds. What I hope is that this kind of public airing a) gets her to stop b)convinces the legions of people considering this that it’s a poor scheme and c) encourages her son to move out. But I’m not sanguine. And I’ve really never wanted something to be a hoax quite so much.

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