Incredibly Into Kelis' Idyllic Life on the Farm

The musician-slash-gourmet has apparently spent the last year raising livestock, growing produce, and even pressing her own olive oil!!!!

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Incredibly Into Kelis' Idyllic Life on the Farm
Photo:Rachel Murray (Getty Images)

How’s your life, Mrs. Shambles? Well, Kelis can’t relate!

The musician-slash-gourmet has been living on a farm about two hours southeast of Los Angeles with her husband and two kids full-time since sometime last year, according to this new Harper’s Bazaar profile by author Roxane Gay (who contextualizes the “Milkshake” singer’s lifestyle pivot within the historical dispossession of Black farmers in the United States), and her life sounds pretty incredible?

Now that she’s “farm people,” as she calls it, Kelis is taking care of more than 30 animals (right down to hand-delivering newborn baby lambs) and growing all kinds of produce (kale, broccoli, tomatoes, eggplant, arugula) on her land, which includes a citrus grove and some olive trees. She presses her own olive oil!

Sorry for leading this Saturday’s celebrity news round-up with such a deeply non-scandalous item, but doesn’t this sound nice????

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  • They’ve been warned:

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