Into The Tower Cara Must Go, And Other Looks From The Latest Royal Wedding


Model Cara Delevingne rolled up to Princess Eugenie’s wedding in a suit and top-hat, which everyone was quick to point out “broke with tradition.” Really, it broke with the wedding dress code, which was listed strictly as “ladies were to wear a day dress with hat and gentleman were to wear a morning coat.”

She might look awesome, but alas, as per the rules of…uh, all of England, INTO THE TOWER SHE MUST GO.

Kate Moss also arrived in a cute little polka dot skirt suit, complete with a black hat with dramatic netting.

And Naomi Campbell looked sort of witchy (’tis the season) in this gothy, tweed number with an insanely tall black hat. The black rose in the center of it almost looks like it’s coated in glistening raindrops?

And a close-up of the hat. FABULOUS.

There was a lot of blue at the wedding! Ellie Goulding arrived in a shimmery baby-blue dress.

And then Poppy Delevingne arrived in a blue dress with a crazy, feathered blue hat, which is honestly getting on my nerves since the blues don’t match. One is clearly powder/baby blue and the hat is much darker!!!

And Demi Moore also looked vampy in this maroon dress with the cutest little bow hat.

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