Introducing The "Mental Kiss"


While on a date at ancient sacred ruins in Chiang Mai, Thailand — where it would be both inappropriate and disrespectful to show affection, mind you — and your date is going so well that there’s this undeniable desire to start locking lips. What’s a Bachelorette to do? Let’s watch how Ashley Hebert and her date Ben chose to handle the situation (which is not something we’d really recommend, by the way).

Later in the episode, Ashley sends the men on a “group date” for Thai boxing. The guys went through three hours of grueling training, only to find out that they’d be facing off against each other. While we welcomed the 20+ straight minutes of shirtlessness, it was unsettling to watch these dudes fighting each other — a little too literal for our tastes. And then one poor dude wound up with a concussion and was wheeled away in an ambulance. It’s probably safe to say this was the most disastrous date in the history of The Bachelorette, but could possibly be topped by resident villain Bentley’s reintroduction onto the show next week. Start putting together your drinking games now.

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