Iron Commercial Features a Steamy Conversation About a Dude's Dick


We have this phenomenon in advertising called “creative license”—you’re allowed to stretch logic (to a certain point) to dramatize a product benefit.

This new Canadian commercial for T-Fal irons ejaculates on the license and then lights it on fire. A conversation with steam? Between two women who live very close to each other…across a short yard? An alley? A conversation. With steam.

Here’s the ad agency’s press note about the ad:

“In a push to get into online video, T-Fal Canada was looking for something that would push the limits of what the brand was comfortable with. They also needed to highlight the strengths of the product: More powerful steam that lasted longer! The concept was simple: two women having a conversation using the steam from their irons. The woman with the traditional iron keeps running out of steam mid-sentence.”

It’s “simple” alright.

And then there’s the double entendres, the creative linchpin of the ad. If you’re going to use them, make them make sense, and make them funny. Who says, “He showed me his membership?” Or, “I really enjoyed his cocktails?” I’ll tell you who: shitty copywriters.

And lastly, there’s the sexism, which you all know a lot more about than me. But I’ll just throw two things out there. First a minute thing: Who the fuck irons wearing pearls and a low-cut red top? And secondly, and more glaringly: of course the conversation only concerns the perceived wealth of the man, because that’s all two gold digging jobless bitches would care about.

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