Is Giant Folk Art Company Cody Foster Stealing From Small Artists?


Cody Foster, a company that does a big game selling wholesale holiday baubles and other tschotskes to retailers nationwide, appears to be stealing artist Lisa Congdon’s work and turning it into ornaments, which they’re then selling for money. Money that they’re not giving any of to Congdon. Yuck.

As you can see in the image above, Congdon’s original drawings are basically identical to Cody Foster’s ornaments. I mean, they didn’t even change colors or patterns or anything. How is it possible to go through high school and not learn the art of changing just enough so that it’s not plagiarism? But I digress.

With a little research, it’s not hard to find plenty of others talking about their negative experiences with Cody Foster.

After looking at that, I can’t help but find their “our story” page pretty ridiculous:

While we got our start in holiday ornaments, we now produce many lines and collections of home décor items. When designing, I draw inspiration from many sources but especially from offbeat vintage pieces and unconventional antiques. Almost all our items are handmade, using honest materials and finishes. Our products are meant to be joyful additions to the home that over time become family collectibles that are passed down to the next generation. I hope you’ll enjoy owning them as much as I enjoy creating them.

LOL, okay.

You gotta think: If you can’t count on the creativity of the artists you employ to dream up your mass-produced wares, then maybe you should find new artists. Stealing from independent artists who are just trying to get by on their own talent is the lowest of the low — and a piece of shit business model.

[Cody Foster, Lisa Congdon (full disclosure, we’re acquaintances and I own some of her gorgeous art)]

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