Is Jennifer Garner Engaged? An Investigation.

An Instagram Live with Judy Greer showed Jen wearing a diamond ring and sparked some questions, including who might have given it to her.

Is Jennifer Garner Engaged? An Investigation.
Screenshot:Instagram (@jennifer.garner) (Fair Use)

While some of you gorged yourself on candy this Halloweekend or perhaps made out with someone dressed as Gumby, Jennifer Garner just may have gotten engaged. Did she??

The actress was spotted rocking a glistening diamond ring on that finger on Tuesday while on an Instagram Live with friend and 13 Going on 30 co-star Judy Greer. The gal pals were talking about living life “sober-ish” and abstaining from drinking as much wine as perhaps they usually do, but we were much too distracted by the ring on Jen’s hand to focus on the content being discussed.

While a ring by itself is news, the question now is: To whom the hell is Jen engaged? Let’s unpack, shall we?!

After her widely publicized divorce from Ben Affleck in 2018, Garner had been seen out and about with John Miller, the CEO of CaliGroup. Their relationship was confirmed to the masses in October 2018, and reports indicated they’d been together, at that point, for six months.

Garner and Miller were apparently hot and heavy for about two years before calling it quits in August 2020. Us Weekly claimed at the time that Miller “was ready for marriage” and Garner “just couldn’t commit,” but we’d also like to throw in the argument that the pandemic threw a wrench in a hell of a lot of relationships. Who among has not personally known or been half of a couple that had to face the fact that they did not really like each other and fractured immediately after lockdown restrictions lifted?

It’s unclear what went on behind the scenes in the time since that breakup, but in May 2021, the exes were reported to be “rekindling” their romance—a very trendy move considering that Garner’s other ex, Affleck, also boomeranged back to a former flame, Jennifer Lopez. I love mess!

The on-again Garner and Miller have since been seen roaming around NYC and allegedly became “totally set on a long-term future together.”

All signs would point to Miller being the giver of the ring, but neither party has spoken out publicly about potential nuptials. Additionally, Garner’s rep has yet to confirm if the ring is of the engagement persuasion.

Either way, we hope you and your perfectly dimpled face are as happy as you look, Jen.

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