Is Owning 100 Juicy Tracksuits Too Much, Or Just Enough?

Is Owning 100 Juicy Tracksuits Too Much, Or Just Enough?

If you could think of the one living individual most likely to possess a wardrobe of Juicy tracksuits large enough to outfit a small army, it would be Paris Hilton. So it’s pretty perfect that the imaginary scenario turns out to be accurate.

“I love Juicy Couture’s velour tracksuits; I probably own 100 of them in every color,” she recently told the Guardian. “That’s my uniform when I’m chilling at home or going to the beach. Anything that doesn’t involve a red carpet.”

Don’t you just want to steal them all and then sew them together into the world’s comfiest quilt?

While the Juicy tracksuit might seem long dead, among youngsters who possess misplaced early-aughts nostalgia (like Kylie Jenner, for example) it’s been having a renaissance. The label Vetements recently brought the brand to Paris fashion week, sending models down the runway in clothes straight out of 2005. A few years ago a tracksuit was even acquired by the Victoria & Albert museum, like the historical artifact that it is. So if you see a teen in the streets wearing a Juicy tracksuit, don’t be alarmed. My question is: will Uggs be next?

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