Is This Baby Having the Best Bath Ever or What


“In just this one moment, your baby is getting even more than clean.” Whoa. Even…more…than clean? What kind of Heaven is “even more than clean”?

“While some believe a bath is just a time to clean your baby, at the JOHNSON’S® Brand, we believe bath time is a time for more,” the copy accompanying this commercial for JOHNSON’S® Brand baby products reads. “It is a time for more bonding, more learning, and more sensory stimulation, which means engaging your baby’s senses through sight, touch, sound, and smell.”

Looks like it’s working.

Like wow, this is some bath.

“Why just clean your baby when you can give her so much more?” a kindly voice asks in the commercial. Good question. I don’t know. But I do know that I’d like to be the baby in that bath.

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