Isabella Rossellini Explains Duck Sex


Isabella Rossellini is here to explain something very important about duck vaginas. They’re twisty inside! And if a male duck who doesn’t meet with the female’s approval forces himself upon her, her vagina can iris shut to thwart the prick.

This is just one of Rossellini’s latest films about the sex lives of the animal kingdom. Rossellini has been making short films about the mating practices of various animals — praying mantises, whales, house flies, barnacles — since 2008. For her entertaining Green Porno series, the actress and former model donned absurd costumes, used puppets, and acted out the way, say, snails hit each other with painful darts as part of foreplay. Green Porno just won a Webby, beating out among other contenders a short film by Daphne Guinness in the “Experimental” category. And now Rossellini is back, with a series called Seduce Me that focuses not so much on sex as it does on mating rituals and behaviors. Did you know cuttlefish males occasionally disguise themselves as females to poach from bigger, stronger males’ harems? Now you do.

Which brings us to that maze of a duck vagina. Apparently, it took “100 yards of some of the cheapest fabric New York could offer” to construct.

Wanda Sykes, eat your heart out.

Video via Sundance Channel.

Green Porno and Seduce Me [Sundance Channel]

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