It Seems Like Tyler Henry…Might Have Been…Right????


Oh dear, I don’t even know where to start. [Grins wildly and scribbles on my nearby notebook even more wildly.]

Tyler Henry, a young witch or possibly huckster, recently sat down for an interview (and an off-camera reading) with Goop supplement protocol creator Dr. Alejandro Junger, who “doesn’t separate mental, emotional, and physical wellness; he describes the three as overlapping and often morphing into one another.” Junger is a believer in mediums and I don’t know if I drank the Goop or what, but after watching this and doing some research I guess I’m starting to believe too??? Life comes at you pretty fast!

During this interview, Junger asks Henry, “Have you ever had a reading through which a prediction for health came down that then manifested…?” It’s clearly a setup for Henry to preview the upcoming season of Hollywood Medium, as the second episode of that show features a reading Henry did with Alan Thicke about three months before Thicke’s December 13 death. Henry describes the reading as containing “a validation that was really unfortunately spot-on,” and the thing is that he’s basically…right???

Thicke died of a ruptured aorta and a standard type A aortic dissection. It came as a shock, according to his widow, Tanya Thicke, his ex-wife Gloria Loring, and his agent Tracy Mapes. But back in August, Henry warned Thicke about potential problems with blood pressure. High blood pressure is linked to aortic dissection! I can’t even believe this.

The episode in question hasn’t aired yet (though it has been promoted, and Henry has given a statement about it), but I have a screener of it. During the reading back in August, Henry told Thicke that the men in his family should be concerned about their blood pressure, a heart murmur and heart arrhythmias.

I have a couple people who, you know, kinda came through and acknowledged passing in a bit of a similar sense and it’s almost saying like, “Keep in mind your own heart because there was a man who was very stubborn who passed away and he acknowledges dying as a result of his heart problem.” His message is: “Don’t be stubborn like I was.”

Thicke, in turn, reported no history of heart disease in his family (but did note his sister had open-heart surgery and completely recovered). He sort of snorted, “Thank you, Dr. Henry, I’m gonna take that to heart.”

AND. THEN. HE DIED. (Three months later.)

Credit where it’s due: Henry called this one. I mean, who knows what predictions he makes that don’t come to pass and that don’t wind up on the episodes. This could very well be a coincidence…but what if the Hollywood Medium has been real all along?

At the end of their interview, Junger says of his time with Henry, “I don’t think I’m gonna come down for a while.” Ugh, same and I hate it!

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