It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets Stabbed with a Stiletto


A New Jersey woman is suing Manhattan’s schmancy (if you’re into that sort of thing) Gansevoort Hotel after a drunk, belligerent Belgian tourist allegedly stabbed her in the thigh with a stiletto heel during a bachelorette party. For her ensuing troubles, she would like $5 million.

The New York Post has the details. According to her lawsuit, Amanda Keisoglu was celebrating her cousin’s impending nuptials at Plunge, the bar topping the Ganse­voort, when suddenly, trouble lurched toward their table in the form of Marie Thys, a Belgian woman already embroiled in a fight. I guess sometimes life really does work like one of those Westerns where one dude throws a punch and suddenly the whole bar is roiling:

“I felt my wrist get pulled, and it forced me to turn around,” Keisoglu recalled. “Then she kicked my inner thigh.”
Thys struck with her stiletto heel just so, puncturing Keisoglu’s leg, leaving the shoe stuck in the wound until someone pulled the drunken woman away, Keisoglu said.

“I sat down and plugged [the wound] with my finger,” Keisoglu told the Post, offering up a mental image that will haunt me forever and a perfect bachelorette nightmare scenario. Keisoglu has filed suit against Thys and also against the hotel, which she says should have done more to prevent this clusterfuck:

The Belgian woman “was visibly intoxicated for several hours prior to the attack” but the bar continued to serve her, failing to give her the boot even though she was “belligerent and violent against other ­patrons for some time prior to the attack,” according to the Manhattan Supreme Court papers.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Meatpacking District!

Image via visivastudio/Shutterstock.

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