J. Lo Explains the Allure of the Ugly-Hot Guy on WWHL!


The ugly-hot man is a type that exists in the world. He is the unconventionally attractive man who somehow oozes sex appeal. Jennifer Lopez has dated one or more of them, according to her. Might one of them be Marc Anthony?

Not saying he’s not a looker, but one Jezebel staffer did describe him as corpse-like. J. Lo confirmed the ugly-sexy-man allure during an appearance on Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live!, telling Andy Cohen she prefers a funny dude with a “tougher edge.”

“Maybe I liked when I was younger wasn’t as good for me, but now I have different criteria,” says Lopez. “I’m not, like, a looks person. I don’t know if you noticed, over the years [Ha!]. I go more for essence, for strength, the manliness, the fun… Sexy!”

Word. And duh, hotness is relative for the most part. She also says, “I don’t feel like good-looking is necessarily sexy,” which is true. We all have weird, inexplicable tastes and a variety of types, of course. There are plenty of fine guys on Tinder who I still swipe left on (in real life, too) because they give off a douche-like, non-sexy aura. Addressing her previous high-profile relationships, which include Ben Affleck (sexy), Diddy (mostly sexy) and young’n Casper Smart (eh), she says, “I thought they were all hot! But other people might be like, ‘What the hell was she thinking.'”

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