J.Lo’s Daughter Emme Takes Her Future Stepdad Out to Dinner

Bennifer 2.0 was spotted on a family night out with J.Lo and Marc Anthony's daughter Emme

J.Lo’s Daughter Emme Takes Her Future Stepdad Out to Dinner

Children of single parents can be incredibly discerning when it comes to sniffing out their parent’s potential partners, which is probably why Emme, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter with Marc Anthony, finally decided to take her mom’s new-old boyfriend Ben Affleck out to dinner in WeHo this week. Emme was, of course, not alive during the first iteration of her mother’s relationship with Affleck and, unlike the rest of us cynical lookie-loos, is able to approach this relationship with a fresh set of eyeballs. The things this child must know.

The happy family was seen leaving Craig’s, Page Six reports, after sharing dinner which Emme probably paid for on her black card because she’s got it like that. Bennifer guided Emme to their car attempting to shield her from the paparazzi swarm, but Emme seemed unphased, being the young seasoned pro that she is. Ben on the other hand looked quite stressed, likely concerned that if Emme’s night did not go off without a hitch she would deliver a poor report to J.Lo later, thereby decimating the expertly crafted publicity stunt that is Bennifer 2.0.

It’s hard to tell from Emme’s expression exactly how she rates Ben—in fact, it provides more questions than answers. Where is Emme’s twin brother Max? As the young man of the house, does Max find Ben’s presence a threat to his position or is he simply showing solidarity with his father? Does Marc Anthony give a shit or is he just hanging out somewhere raising his baby goats? Am I projecting all my own concerns onto teenagers because I’m unnecessarily invested in a celebrity relationship? Who’s to say honestly, but I’m sure given a few days, Emme’s personal teen publicist will release a statement offering up the final yay or nay on the most important relationship of 2021 and beyond.

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