Jada Pinkett Smith Finally Understands Men, Feels Really Bad for Them


Hot off a “scooping out her own eye” scene on a recent episode of Gotham, Jada Pinkett Smith stopped by Late Night with Seth Myers Thursday night to discuss her latest project: Magic Mike XXL. And while for many of us naked dudes are a welcome distraction, for Pinkett Smith, working with male strippers was an experience in empathy.

Pinkett Smith told Myers that when she first walked onto the set of XXL, in which she’ll be playing a strip club owner, and saw the glistening muscles of the “chocolate” she’d be bossing around, her knees buckled. She’d always known that men had a big head and a little head, she tells Myers, but now she understands exactly what it’s like to be consumed by sex 24/7 and have to fight the urge to “procreate” without stop.

Pinkett Smith wants the world to know that she gets men now and understands the plight of the male species more than ever. Because working on the set of XXL isn’t just rough, she says. It’s rock hard.

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