James Franco Posts and Deletes Another Scandalous Selfie

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Happy Memorial Day weekend! In order to help you celebrate, James Franco (actor, author, director, the new messiah, etc.) has posted and deleted another revealing selfie for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately for Franco, the internet doesn’t play peekaboo and anything you post is forever (especially when you do it late at night when I am up and searching for the terms “naked,” “James Franco” and “selfie”) (don’t judge me!) Here’s the photo in all of its glory for educational purposes:

Of course, this may all be intentional on Franco’s part. According to Queerty, Franco is standing in front of a self-portrait of controversial artist Robert Mapplethorpe. Franco deleted the photo minutes later, posting a photo of his head in its place with the caption “too many selfies, even for me.” Never for me, though! More selfies, everyone! [Queerty]

Miley Cyrus has obtained an emergency restraining order against a fan who has stated that he won’t stop stalking the singer until she either “accepts him or dies.” Terrifying! The fan, Devon Meek, was arrested on May 16th and is likely suffering from psychosis. He’s told the LAPD that he hears voices screaming inside his head and that he’s heard Miley tell him that she adores him in one of her songs. The song, of course, is “Adore You” from her new album. Here’s hoping Miley is safe and that Meek is getting the help that he needs. [TMZ]

  • Kim and Kanye did not get married at Versailles. Apparently last night’s event was a pre-wedding rehearsal. The real wedding is likely happening today. Expect more coverage of the events as the day goes on! [Cosmo]
  • Anna Wintour will not be at the Kimye wedding due to a longstanding family commitment. Longstanding family commitment is the new “I’m washing my hair that night.” True story, I once called my grandma to tell her that I was having a birthday party sometime in the next few weeks and she said “I’ll be busy with family that evening.” Burn, grandma! Be careful how you use that line! [E!]
  • Beyonce and Jay Z were also absent from the rehearsal. But David Blaine was there, so…[TMZ]
  • Lady Gaga can’t control her adorable new dog. [TMZ]
  • Ed Sheeran performed his new song on television. It is very good. I don’t get Sheeran but I’m a fan! [ONTD]
  • Adam Sandler chooses his movies based on where he’d like to vacation next. I choose my jobs for the same reason. For instance, I choose to work on the internet because I can wear my guinea pig shirt and unicorn pajamas all day and no one can say anything about it. (My partner does, but he’s not the boss of me.) Celebs: They’re just like us! The only difference is that Adam Sandler is paid millions of dollar to hang out in Hawaii with Drew Barrymore. [ONTD]
  • Bethenny Frankel will love again (even if it takes a lifetime to get over you, heaven only knows.)[L&S]
  • Is P!nk pregnant or does she just really like girl scout cookies? [L&S]
  • Someone won a trip to space with Leonardo DiCaprio at the amFAR Cinema Against Aids event in Cannes. The auction also featured an original Andy Warhol and a mammoth fossil coated in steel and gold lead. Because why not? [Pajiba]
  • Jessica Alba is selling coconut water. [ONTD]
  • Drew Barrymore loves Chaka Khan. [HipHollywood]
  • Patti LaBelle is 70! Happy birthday, Patti Patti! [Wiki]

Hope your weekend is awesome!

Lead image from Instagram via Queerty

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