Janet Jackson's Iconic Key Earring Sold at Auction for More Than Most Cars

Janet Jackson's Iconic Key Earring Sold at Auction for More Than Most Cars
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The hoop/key combo that dangled from Janet Jackson’s right ear for much of her Control and Rhythm Nation 1814 eras sold for $43,750 at an auction that concluded Sunday (which just happened to be Jackson’s 55th birthday). The auction was hosted by Julien’s Auctions and boasted more than 1,000 items from throughout Jackson’s life and career. The 50 highest selling items alone brought in nearly $1.5 million. The top seller was one of several outfits from the video for “Scream,” Jackson’s 1995 duet with her brother Michael. The “bubble” textured fabric long-sleeve shirt by Dexter Wong and leather pants combo went for $125,000.

The portrait that a young Janet drew of her sister La Toya that we so loved sold for $3,520. Jezebel was not among the lot’s five bidders. We deeply regret that.

Fun fact! The key Jackson wore on her ear was functional. Jackson had to feed various animals in her family’s menagerie and the key unlocked the cages. Peacocks and giraffes, however, were not included in the lot.

Among the auction’s high-profile bidders was Kim Kardashian, who paid $25,000 for a look Jackson wore in her 1993 “If” video.

A portion of the auction’s proceeds are to benefit Compassion International, but just how big a portion of the mint Jackson made by cleaning out her closet is as yet unannounced. The Top 10 sellers are listed below:

1. “Scream” music video worn ensemble ($125,000)

2. 1956 Chevrolet pickup truck ($112,500)

3. Rhythm Nation Tour and awards show performance worn ensemble ($81,250)

4. 2003 Aston Martin Vanquish coupe ($70,400)

5. Daniel Authouart panoramic painting ($60,800)

6. “Scream” music video worn coat ($50,000)

7. “Scream” music video worn jacket ($44,800)

8. Iconic key earring ($43,750)

9. Velvet Rope Tour worn ensemble with handwritten note ($37,500)

10. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony ensemble ($32,000)

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