Japan Has a Google Street View Map for Cats


Imagine you are an adorable little kitty exploring the streets of Japan. Where should you go? What should you see? Luckily, the tourism board of Hiroshima has created a website with street maps positioned from a cat’s point of view. Technology is just so wonderful.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Onomichi, a town east of Hiroshima city that is known for its large population of cats, enlisted technicians who worked on Google’s street view maps for the site. The interactive map works similar to a regular Google street map, with camera angle functions and information about shops in the area. It also features 11 different pet cats in the area with links to their backgrounds.

When I tested out the map myself, I did find something that scared the cat version of me (a.k.a. Meowrie):

An enemy on the horizon!

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Images via Hiroshima Cat Street View.

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