Japanese Women Take To Wearing Loincloths For Spring


In Japan, cotton loincloths like those traditionally worn by men are coming back as women’s wear. For around $13, you too could tie a strip of unelasticized cotton around your hips and hit the beach.

Wacoal, a Japanese lingerie company, is pushing fundoshi as underwear and bikini bottoms for women as the seasons change. The makers say the loincloths are more comfortable and looser-fitting than regular elasticized underpants, “liberating,” and cause no sizing hassles. (The makers fail to note the obvious drawback of wearing a loincloth: you are wearing a loincloth.) Five thousand have been sold to Japanese women since Wacoal’s version launched in December. Japanese people do a lot of weird shit, but this is just bizarre.

Two things:

1. Wouldn’t elastic be easier? Elastic is always easier. That’s the point.

2. Diapers.

Loincloths Hot Among Japan Woman [Reuters]

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