Jax Taylor Defends Stassi Schroeder's Feet

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Jax Taylor Defends Stassi Schroeder's Feet
For the purposes of this blog, ignore Brittany Cartwright. Photo: Slaven Vlasic (Getty Images for Daily Mail)

A hero’s tale that could only happen in the 2019th year of our Lord. The setting: Instagram. Our damsel in distress: Stassi Schroeder. Her villain: a commenter.

Our unlikely hero? Jax Taylor, her ex.

First, Schroeder posted a cute photo of some very sparkly and blingy Prada heels. But feet photos bring out the worst in everybody imo, and a commenter posted the following (what us here at Jezebel Lit 101 call an inciting incident): “Those look like old lady feet.”

Enter our unlikely hero, Jax! “Wow, all that screams is your insecurities, talk about women empowering other women, you are exactly what’s wrong with social media today. I hope she blocks you, you need Jesus sweetie. I feel bad for you,” Taylor replied. “All this shows is that you are mad at yourself for amounting to nothing in life so you take out your pathetic existence on people who are successful.”

Wow! A lot of words to defend Schroeder’s feet to a rando!

Schroeder replied: “My hero. Oh the irony, Jax.”

Please submit your 6-page, double-spaced papers about the irony in this tale in the comments. The paper is due by midnight. [Page Six]

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The restraining order is valid for one year. TMZ reported that Nick attended the hearing for the order while Aaron did not. Aaron “went nuts in court” during the hearing for Angel’s restraining order when the judge told him to surrender his firearms, TMZ reported.

In September, Nick tweeted that he and Angel were seeking the restraining order after Aaron made threats against Nick and his then-pregnant wife.

Previously, Aaron tweeted: “It’s time to stop airing our family problems and issues in the public in public eye. I hope some day we can all be adult enough to talk to each other instead of through law Ayers [sic] and courts.” [TMZ]

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