Jean-Paul Gaultier Wants to Take Us to Space


Haute Couture Fashion Week—it’s happening! Most of it—save for Herr Lagerfeld’s clothes for a merry widow and Alexandre Vauthier’s Grace Jones homage—is boring. Turn your attention, please, to Jean Paul Gaulthier, who got Coco Rocha BACK on the runway!!, and showed garments for the glamorous space queen—a grown-up Judy Jetson who ditched Orbit City for Parsons, baby.

Gaultier has always been fun, but these garments are the kind that one hopes a celebrity willing to risk their place on a “best-dressed” list selects instead of your staid fishtail gowns and minimalist shifts. Wear Elie Saab to your third wedding, if you must, but throw on one of these frocks for a red carpet and live a little!

Prints are not for the faint of heart, though it’d be great if everyone who put clothes on their body floofed it up a little and wore some C-O-L-O-R. Any color. These colors! This suiting! Judy Jetson’s interview outfits—yes.

Wearing Gaultier on a red carpet when you’re not a Quirky Celebrity feels like a risk, but it’s a risk that I personally implore every celebrity to take. Tastefully shrouding your décolletage in yards of ruched chiffon or rustly taffeta is one way to approach, but it’s much more FUN and ENJOYABLE TO LOOK AT when there is clear and present risk. It’s just clothes; clothes are meant to be fun.

Most impressive about this show, aside from the garments themselves, is that Coco Rocha, retired since 2014, returned to the runway with her adorable child Ioni. Here is Jean-Paul Gaulthier greeting Ioni with open arms. What a life!

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