Jeff Bezos's Security Guard Recommended Marriage Counseling 

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The story of how Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez got together is getting thornier: A new report from Vanity Fair reveals that Sanchez’s brother Michael—who has been accused of leaking Bezos’s dirty texts to the National Enquirer—has been like a helicopter parent to the couple, even when they were having an affair, in an attempt to supposedly “protect Jeff and Lauren.”

Michael says Bezos’s longtime head of security, Gavin de Becker, was always trying to do the opposite—keep Bezos and his then-wife Mackenzie together—in part by suggesting marriage counseling and urging Bezos to stay away from Sanchez:

Sanchez says De Becker told Bezos to agree to a 30-day physical separation from Sanchez, and encouraged Bezos and MacKenzie to undergo couples therapy with celebrity therapists Rae and Judy of Maui Intensives Inc. (Weekly fees start at $12,500, according to their Web site.) “Once Judy and Rae were hired,” Michael said to me, “I told Lauren, ‘Watch out. We’re fucked. Gavin is going to get Jeff back together with MacKenzie.’”

Why Michael would care so much about whether his sister continued an affair with a married man is beyond me—although the married man here happens to be the richest man in modern history, and money can make people do crazy things. It does look like Michael might have leaked Bezos’s “I love you, alive girl” texts, though, and for that, I will never forgive him. When asked, he simply said “I’m not saying I didn’t do something.”

[Vanity Fair]

Bethenny Frankel is asking for full custody of her 8-year-old daughter, Bryn, and her lawyer has described Frankel’s ex, Jason Hoppy, as plainly abusive.

The couple previously had joint custody. Per RADAR Online:

“Why are we doing this? To protect the child,” [Frankel’s] lawyer argued. “The father’s behavior before and after their marriage is extremely harmful to Bryn. His abusive behavior towards her not only damages her relationship with her mother, but to everyone else in her life.”

Frankel’s lawyer described Hoppy as constantly feuding with Frankel, and not focusing on being the best parent he could be to Bryn:

“Mr. Hoppy will continue to be controlled by his emotions,” he continued. “His need to sign up for every field trip, and hover her when she is in contact with her mother shows he is out for competitive parenting, not in the best interest of Bryn.”

Hoppy’s lawyer argued that joint custody was working just fine, despite their alleged disagreements. Asked about his feelings and behavior toward Frankel on the stand, Hoppy said “It was a contentious time” and “I regret a lot of things I sent her.”

[RADAR Online]

Penelope Cruz looked like a beautiful snow cone walking in the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week.

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