Jennifer Aniston Needed a Psychologist to Work Through Divorce With Justin Theroux (and His Massive Back Tattoo)

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Jennifer Aniston Needed a Psychologist to Work Through Divorce With Justin Theroux (and His Massive Back Tattoo)

Jennifer Aniston is mostly fine. She’s still appearing on shampoo commercials and taking photos with every Friends co-star but David Schwimmer. What she still isn’t up to? Dating! The hydration advocate revealed in an interview on the Howard Stern Show that she’s “very, very busy”—with work! Dating just isn’t a priority for Aniston, not with her Apple+ streaming show to promote! Here’s how the exchange went, per Radar:

Stern: “Are you enjoying being single?”
Aniston: “Yeah.”
Stern: “Do you want me to set you up with someone or not?”
Aniston: “Not right now, but listen, I just don’t like being set up. I don’t like it. Hate it.”

She also revealed that shortly after divorcing Justin Theroux, she sought a psychologist to work through the breakup after he was spotted with various (and increasingly young) models and actresses. Even without the Instagram influencer adjacent girlfriends her ex ran around NYC with, it was still smart to consult an expert on how to heal from the sight of his hideously large, post-divorce back tattoo! [Radar]

Money can’t buy you class—or common sense! Alec Baldwin learned this the hard way after being scammed out of nearly $200 by a fake Statue of Liberty tour guide. A lesson I feel everyone on the isle of the Rat King must learn eventually! Regardless, Page Six reports that the after shelling out some serious(ly minor) cash for the weekend adventure, his family was shepherded towards a bus to New Jersey. (Which, I’m told, is the opposite direction of the Statue of Liberty. Sad!) Per the outlet:

Baldwin, upset over being bamboozled, went on to explain the family instead opted for the Staten Island Ferry, which offers a view of Lady Liberty — for free. “This is a scam,” Baldwin wrote. “Take the SI Ferry. It’s the best ride in NY.” He posted an image of his ticket, which reads, “Tours R US: See NY From The Water.” The destination on the ticket was “Liberty, NJ.”

I’d normally feel bummed that an innocent couple had their weekend plans ripped from them—especially when children are involved. But this is a celebrity we’re talking about! If I was the ticket hawker, I’d have tripled the price! [Page Six]

Sex bench owner Ashley Benson is a brunette now.

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