Jennifer Lawrence Not a Poetry Stan After All

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I regret to inform you that reports of Jennifer Lawrence’s appreciation of Frank O’Hara’s poetry have been greatly exaggerated.

Last week, People published photos of the actor “on a late summer date” with boyfriend Cooke Maroney in New York City. In one hand, Lawrence held Maroney’s. In the other, she appeared to be holding a copy of O’Hara’s Lunch Poems, which the late poet published in 1964 under independent San Francisco bookstore City Lights’s famed imprint.

Lunch Poems contains hits like “The Day Lady Died” and “A Step Away From Them,” but it’s unclear whether Lawrence actually appreciates the poems or just the book’s aesthetic, because as Page Six reports, she was actually just carrying a purse.

And not just any purse—Lawrence’s Lunch Poems lookalike is a $1500 hand-embroidered Olympia Le Tan clutch. That seems like a lot for a very small bag, considering Lunch Poems is about the size of my palm (HUMBLEBRAG I OWN IT), but fashion is fashion, and I think O’Hara liked fashion? And famous people? Am I right? I didn’t say I read the book, just that I have it, okay?!

Anyway, I knew a guy who carried poetry books around with him like a bag, and he was a jerk, so this is better.

[Page Six]

Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney had a baby!

Here is the baby.

Extremely good baby!!!!

Babies for all.


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