Jennifer Lopez Has an Affair With a Teenager in The Boy Next Door

Jennifer Lopez is back in the movie making game and today the first trailer for her upcoming film, The Boy Next Door premiered.

Based off of this two minutes and forty-two seconds of video, the film seems like Enough meets Notes on a Scandal and I’m not mad about it.

Jennifer Lopez stars as a teacher who has an affair with her teenaged next door neighbor played by Ryan Guzman, who turns out to be psychotic and obsessed with her. I didn’t know who Guzman was before this, but again, AIN’T MAD ABOUT IT. John Corbett plays her cheating, ain’t shit ex-husband, Kristin Chenoweth rocks a pixie wig and Hill Harper also stars because why not? The Boy Next Door will be in theaters in January.

The word “cougar” is already being thrown around in the discussion of this film, although I believe the word they’re looking for is “abuser.” It would also be wonderful if we didn’t try to relate Jennifer Lopez’s role in this movie to her fondness for dating younger men, because, hello, having sex with a teenager is not the same as a grown woman enjoying a legal PYT.

Perhaps I’m giving a psychological thriller too much credit, but it could be interesting to see a scenario where this adult, who, by any sensible definition, took advantage of a teenager, becomes a victim herself.

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