Jen's Perfume Smells Like Childless Misery; Justin Bieber Grapples With McQueen's Death

  • The inevitable Aniston perfume is, oddly, not titled Desperation and Loneliness but, instead, “Lola V” – which sounds like the name of a Hollywood baby. That she’ll never have! [Life&Style]
  • Celine Dion, meanwhile, presents yet another scent: “Pure Brilliance.” [WWD]
  • Kimora, in her latest scent, takes a different approach: “This scent is meant to be a call to action – I am challenging everyone to be bold, inspired and intelligent,” she declares. We appreciate the courage of launching a celebrity scent in a world sorely lacking in them. [WWD]
  • Bieber’s style: “I’m not a splurger, but I like clothes like G-star and I really like shoes – I wear Supers a lot. I wear a lot of hoodies, but I also like Alexander McQueen. I think he is very original and does amazing stuff. [Interviewer: “Unfortunately, he died recently.”] Rest in peace. I didn’t know that.” [NYT]
  • Jerry Hall calls Botox “hideous,” saying, “I’m going to go for the eccentric, wrinkled suntanned look instead. I love the sun. I want to look like a North American Indian – big jewelery and wrinkled, suntanned skin. Much better than the skinny, cut-up look.” [DailyExpress]
  • Speaking of the family Jagger, daughter Georgia May is not, as bookies suspected, going to be replacing the disgraced Peaches Geldof as the face of Miss Ultimo. Her agent says she’s just too in-demand. [VogueUK]
  • In a sign that the times they are a-changin’, Diane Von Furstenberg is back to expanding her retail empire after a brief, recession-fueled hiatus. May we suggest more discount stores, a la Woodbury Commons? Thanks. [WWD]
  • On the other hand, denim line Rock and Republic has filed for bankruptcy as the denim bubble continues to pop. [LAT]
  • Photographer Todd Cole has shot Rodarte’s latest short, a “futuristic film, which featured Guinivere Van Seenus wearing Rodarte’s spring/summer dresses.” [WWD]
  • One day’s not enough for Origins: to celebrate Earth Month, the eco-friendly company’s throwing an April 19th concert featuring Macy Gray. [WWD]
  • The appointment of one of the NY Governor’s cronies to the board of trustees of the Fashion Institute of Technology is raising well-groomed eyebrows. The non-fashionista’s appointment, says one official, “seemed a little out of left field.” [NYT]
  • JustJared calls this still from Jesus Luz‘s Ellus Leather Denim campaign a “Shirtless Easter Treat.” We’d call it more, a study in blankness – like a John Cage piece, but it’s a person. [JustJared]
  • A new social networking site, Fashion Stake, is trying to bring crowdsourcing to the least democratic of media. Says Reuters, “Fashion Stake will allow customers to directly fund fashion designers by browsing on-line collections and buying a stake in a collection in return for credits to buy clothes. Patrons can also share ideas with designers and vote on collections.” Either brilliant or doomed! [Reuters]
  • We love Garance Dore‘s dreamy fashion footage: check out her “month in fashion” vid. [Garance Dore via Fashionista]
  • In honor of its 50th birthday, Doc Martens has commissioned a digital campaign in which artists like the Stone Roses and Noisette cover classic rock tunes. We were thinking more “The Queen is Dead,” but sure! [AdWeek]
  • The (presumably post-Special K) red dress worn by an actress in a British Special K commercial has elicited so many queries that retailer Marks and Spencer‘s going to start selling it. And the beachy cotton frock is only £19.50! [Telegraph]
  • Kelly Osbourne has apparently gotten hooked on fake tan while dancing with the stars. Which is convenient, since she’s a face of St. Tropez self-tanner! [Elle]
  • It’s Lagerfeld’s turn to decorate the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. The kaiser’s emblazoned a white Diet Coke with his own silhouette – the svelte version. [Sassybella]
  • The DNC says that their “Big Fucking Deal” (or, BFD) tees are selling like undignified hotcakes, indeed, “faster than iPads this weekend.” [UPI]
  • Speaking of politics! Cast your vote for your favorite American designer in CFDA’s “Popular Vote.” (Or, y’know, stay out of the whole thing.) [WWD]
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