Jersey Shore Season Five Will Open With Pauly D's Tanning Overdose


Remember last week, in the season four finale when Pauly D detailed his plans for when he got back to the states? His exact, excited words went like so: “I can’t wait to go tanning, I’m gonna go tanning, then I’m gonna go tanning, then I’m gonna go tanning, then I’m gonna go to the gym, then I’m gonna do laundry.” He wasn’t exaggerating. MTV has released this clip from the upcoming season five of a red-faced Pauly D who had tanned so many times in a row (supposedly to make up for the months of not tanning in Italy) that he “burned his face off.” Then he tried to fix the problem by peeling off his burned skin and exfoliating, which is exactly what you should do if you want to make it worse. Even Snooki had to admit, “I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever tell anyone in this house to stop tanning,” but in this case, she had to. Somebody send some aloe vera to the Shore house, stat!

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