Jessica Simpson On John Mayer: "He Gave Away My Game"


Jess was on The Late Show last night, and David Letterman asked her about Tony Romo, John Mayer and her weight. Fun!

She was there to promote The Price Of Beauty, which starts Monday, but had to sit through all kinds of personal questions first. Jessica was a good sport: Of Cowboys football star Romo, she admitted, “Tony is great, still a friend of mine… I still look at his cute butt in the outfit — I mean uniform.” When asked about John Mayer’s Playboy interview, Jessica said, “Normally you would think that somebody you care about would keep those intimate details to himself…” She broke down why she didn’t want her sexual prowess to be public knowledge: “I’m like, the good girl, and then that happens.” “You can be both,” Dave said, and Jess agreed: “I am.” (Later, she called Dave out on his probing questions, saying: “Look at you, making it all about men.”)

Also of note: The band played “You Dropped A Bomb On Me” when Jess walked out. Get it? Like napalm bomb? Also, Letterman asked Jessica about the her weight, and said the infamous “fat” picture of her “looks fine to me.” She quipped: “Normally you would think that I would become anorexic after everything everybody was saying about me, but I just decided to eat more.”

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Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty Doesn’t Look Dreadful

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