Jessica Williams & The Daily Show Commemorate the 'Hate Class of 2015'


While the Supreme Court is currently considering the question of marriage equality, the wider cultural consensus has shifted so much on the matter in recent years that this feels like a last stand for opponents of same-sex marriage. And so, Jessica Williams and The Daily Show took a few minutes to bid farewell to the “Hate Class of 2015.”

Williams sallied forth into the seething crowd outside the Supreme Court, filled with protesters and street preachers in tacky t-shirts covered in cutesily rendered hateful slogans about God’s judgement. She polled everybody about the most popular person on campus and tearfully informed everyone how very much she’d miss their vitriol and attempted to solicit a few hugs. Cue up Vitamin C’s “Graduation (Friends Forever)“ and let the memories roll over you, in optimistic anticipation of the day we dump these dickheads in the dustbin of history.

Image via Comedy Central/screengrab

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