Joe Biden's Daughter Needs A Better Class Of Friend

  • Did Joe Biden‘s daughter Ashley, a social worker, really snort coke in Delaware with her boyfriend and some non-friends or is some dickhead just trying to exploit her noteriety? [NY Daily News, NY Daily News]
  • The White House has forced the resignation of GM CEO Rick Wagoner because they don’t like his plan for the rest of the bailout money he still wants. [LA Times]
  • Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter wants to know when the fuck Obama is going to make a damn banker resign for fucking up his bailout money. [Huffington Post]
  • New Hampshire Bag of Dicks Senator Judd Gregg wants everyone to remember that he totally snowballed the Administration into offering him a Cabinet Secretary slot so he could spend the next two years being an enormous asshole and get press coverage for it. [Washington Post]
  • Illinois Congressman John Shimkus thinks the problem with reducing carbon dioxide emissions is that, by doing so, we’ll kill off all the trees. Yeah, dude, I remember photosynthesis from elementary school science class, too. That’s not exactly the issue here. [ThinkProgress]
  • Obama thinks the Bushies kind of fucked up in Afghanistan by ignoring it in favor of pursuing a war in Iraq because there was no Really Bad Man we could execute in Afghanistan. I mean, there were two of them, at least, but they were hiding and neither tried to assasinate Dubya’s pawpaw. [Washington Post]
  • Obama’s guys on the ground in Pakistan say that a big part of the problem is that the Pakistanis don’t trust us. Wonder why that is, given all the peace and prosperity we’ve brought to the region? [CNN]
  • Obama is heading to Europe this week, but will meet with world leaders and not Paris Hilton. [NY Times]
  • He and Michelle have picked out an interior decorator to re-do the White House, but they’re not taking federal funds or donations to implement his plans so they don’t have to deal with the same crap that dogged the Clintons for 8 years. [NY Magazine]
  • Sarah Palin selected an enormous homophobic asshole to be her state’s Attorney General. [Pam’s House Blend]
  • Norm Coleman and Texas Senator Jon Cornyn don’t care how long Minnesota goes light on its Senatorial representation as long as Al Franken is never the Senator. [Politico]
  • Bush started torturing people because he was freaking out and didn’t know what else to do. [Huffington Post]
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