Jon Snow Wants More Male Nudity in Game of Thrones: 'It's Only Right'

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Kit Harington, unlike the disgruntled bastard he plays in Game of Thrones, knows something. And that something is that HBO viewers deserve gratuitous male nudity in addition to the sea of breasts and old-timey merkins one gazes upon while watching GoT.

“It’s only right, if you’re going to make a show where nudity and sex is a large part of it, that you be a part of that,” he told GQ. DAMN STRAIGHT, JON SNOW. But he has yet to put his money where his mouth his — last season his ankle was broken, so, in his words, “the only time you saw my ass, it wasn’t my ass.”

There’s always next season. [Just Jared]

A five-minute clip from Fifty Shades of Grey premiered at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday. There was NO penetration, so everyone was disappointed — the clip, which was PG, did contain “plenty of innuendo and suggestion of Christian Grey’s habits behind locked doors.”

A studio executive assured the audience that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have the “have the kind of chemistry that could turn this into the next iconic romance.” “I’ll always have your anal virginity” is the new “We’ll always have Paris,” I guess. [MTV]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West slept “intertwined in first class” on a LA-NYC flight, then Kim bought two copies of her own Vogue in the airport. The last time I was in an airport I threw up next to a Sbarro’s. [Page Six]

In New York, they went out to dinner with Anna Wintour. [PopSugar]

Also, Kim Kardashian had to have secret meetings with Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen in order to get her wedding dress made, which she says made her feel “like the real-life Carrie Bradshaw.” [Hello]

  • Sandra Bullock is looking to produce a TV version of Miss Congeniality that’s like “Bridesmaids meets 24,” says best rumor in the entire universe. #EGOT4SANDY. [Radar]
  • Kim Kardashian kept her Vogue cover secret from her meddling sisters, which must have been a very hard task (esp. because Kendall is BEST FRIENDS with Anna Wintour). [E!]
  • Kendra Wilkinson says that being pregnant has made her “grouchy, smelly and horny,” like a porn version of Oscar the Grouch. [NY Daily News]
  • Blue Ivy, the most vacation-taking baby in the entire universe, lounged around in the tropics with Beyoncé. [HuffPo]
  • What Is DJ Steve Aoki Actually Doing When Is He On Stage? wonders article. I didn’t read it but I’m assuming the answer is checking his Facebook. [HuffPo]
  • Taylor Swift wants to spend all week painting water color flowers, has reached peak Taylor Swift. [Just Jared]
  • Justin Bieber is “done” with tattoos for a while, which should have happened before he got the wonky boombox or the upside-down mermaid crotch put on his arm. [MTV]
  • Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky named their twin sons Thor and Loki!!!!! (Just kidding, they are Tristan and Sasha). [People]
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