Jon Stewart on Egypt's Daily Show Might Be the Answer to World Peace


Jon Stewart might be absent from the American version of The Daily Show, but that doesn’t mean he’s missing from the franchise entirely. Stewart recently found himself on the other side of the desk (and the other side of the globe) when he was a guest on Bernameg — Egypt’s own version of The Daily Show, hosted by the very charismatic Bassem Youssef.

You’re often warned before travelling abroad that things like humor, sarcasm and satire get easily lost in translation, but interestingly it’s the exact opposite case in the Stewart-Youssef interview. If anything, the two comedians find a common ground on the importance of satire and comedy and the audience — many of whom are understanding the interview solely through Arabic subtitles — are fully onboard.

If the common language of comedy isn’t enough to leave you feeling warm and gooey inside, the pair’s conversation about tolerance and open-mindedness (starting around the 12:00 mark) ought to do the trick.

“You have actually stood defending the rights of so many minorities,” Youssef tells Stewart. “Including the Muslim and Arab minority. You have spoken strongly for the 9/11 mosque…and you have been accused of being a Muslim and bin Laden sympathiser sometimes.”

“We all have misconceptions about each other,” Stewart replied, before going on to describe his own journey of tolerance.

Overall, the interview is heartwarming, enjoyable and quite possibly the answer to world peace. Or maybe just inner peace. And for only a couple of seconds. Which is still totally worth it, if you ask me.

The English portion of the interview starts around 2:30.

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