Jonathan Majors Files Domestic Violence Complaint Against Accuser, Calls Her ‘Drunk & Hysterical’

The actor is still facing criminal charges for having allegedly assaulted his girlfriend—who has an active restraining order against him—in a taxi in March.

Jonathan Majors Files Domestic Violence Complaint Against Accuser, Calls Her ‘Drunk & Hysterical’
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A week after Jonathan Majors brought a Bible, his poetry journal, and his signature emotional support cup to court for a hearing in his domestic violence case, Insider reports that the actor has filed his own domestic violence complaint against his ex-girlfriend, who accused him of physically assaulting her in March.

The woman, who has a protective order against Majors, says he attacked her in a cab, breaking her finger and causing her ear to bleed. More victims have reportedly come forward since the incident to corroborate her claims and cooperate with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. But Majors is now officially claiming that it was she who attacked him and that she’s done so before. Per Insider, the 33-year-old actor told police last week that “a ‘drunk and hysterical’ woman scratched, slapped, and grabbed at his face, causing pain and bleeding, according to a domestic incident report and sworn affidavit.” He says he did grab her in the taxi, but only to pull her back into the car as she was trying to get out.

Majors further claims that his ex stole his cell phone and spent $6,000 to $7,000 on his credit card after the March incident, and Insider reports that he checked “yes” on the following questions on the incident report form: “Is suspect capable of killing you or children?”; “Is suspect violently and constantly jealous of you?”; and “Has the physical violence increased in frequency or severity over the past 6 months?”

Majors and his lawyer, Priya Chaudry, have been claiming since April that he was actually the victim of domestic violence in the relationship with his accuser. Chaudry, who has an extensive history of representing famous men accused of abuse, said at the time that he only agreed to a restraining order because he “wants nothing to do with the woman who assaulted him.”

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